Until the situation is clarified with the state of NC, TASL is hereby suspending the Fall season.  We will continue to keep a close eye on the metrics and the guidance from the governor, North Carolina Adult Soccer Association (NCASA) and our national soccer organization under US Soccer.  If something changes, we know everyone would like to get back to soccer!

Please continue to be safe and help us stop the spread!  Wear a mask!



The SPRING season will begin on FEBRUARY 15th.  Play dates are scheduled through mid-MAY.  

Team Captains - the deadline for teams to have 14 paid players is Wednesday, January 22nd. 

The registration software has changed effective for spring 2020 registration.

Every player will need to CREATE A NEW PLAYER PROFILE! Every player will need to UPLOAD A NEW PICTURE!  (Yes, we are sorry!) 

If you are a Substitute Player, please read below before you proceed to registration.

SUBSTITUTE PLAYERS: Players may get invited by a captain to play on a specific game day.  The Sub Player must register for each date they will play.  Select the date and continue to registration.  You will type in the division and team name during registration.  GAME DATES are in alphabetical order!  April will appear before February, so please SCROLL down the list to the proper date.  Sub players need to be registered by 2pm for weeknight games and by 2pm on Friday for weekend games.


Just a few notes to ease the transition:

Players will "CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT" with their email address and a Password.  You will always access your profile by logging back in with your email and password.

ALL players will need to "UPLOAD A PHOTO" during the registration process.  Be prepared! If you have trouble uploading your photo, please call the office or email  

PLAYING ON A 3RD TEAM OR MORE? Players must register for two teams before they can join a 3rd team!  If you are registering for your 3rd team or more, you must click on the "Team 3, 4, 5 or More!" button and you must enter your division of play and the team that you are registering for.  (This is the only way that you will get the correct fee for your 3rd team or more.)      NOTE - do not use this button for your first or second team registration or you will have to pay additional fees to be added to your team.

DON'T HAVE A TEAM??? You are a FREE AGENT!!   Players that don't have a team may join the "Player Pool" and register as a "Free Agent" player. Register for each division that you would consider participating in to improve your opportunity to find a team. Players do not pay to join the player pool but once you are contacted by a captain and join a team you will be required to pay the registration fee.