FALL season will begin on AUGUST 17th!!  Play dates are scheduled through the first weekend in November.  

The deadline for teams to have 14 paid players is Monday, July 15th. 

STACK SPORTS has arrived! 

We introduced our new registration software beginning spring 2019 registration.  There are some awesome features that players and captains will enjoy and the system is very user friendly.  Team and player registration should go smoothly but please contact us at if you have questions during the registration process.  Please see below for information regarding multiple team registrations.

Just a few notes to ease the transition!

1.  All players will create an account "profile" with their email address when you register.  You will always access your profile by logging back in with your email and a password that you create.

2.  ALL players will need to upload a PHOTO during the registration process.  If you have trouble uploading your photo, please email a JPG image to  Your picture must be uploaded before you are allowed to play games.  

3.  We recommend that you don't hit the "Back" arrow in your browser during registration as the system will kick you out and you will have to restart.  There is normally a "back" button option at the bottom of the screen that you are on, so please use that button to go back.

4.  Players must pay the registration fee when they register.  There is no pay by check or cash option.  

Each team will have access to a useful organization tool called TEAM CONNECT!  There is a mobile App for Sports Team Connect by Bonzi.  The most popular and useful feature is the "Attendance Tracker" where players can mark if they will be able to attend a game! Captains can access rosters and contact players through Team Connect.  AND there is a Photo Sharing function to create albums and share photos!  Information on Team Connect is private and only available to roster members.


COED EIGHT!  Click here for additional information.


DON'T HAVE A TEAM??? You are a Free Agent!!   Players that don't have a team may join the "Player Pool" and register as a "Free Agent" player. Register for each division that you would consider participating in to improve your opportunity to find a team. Players do not pay to join the player pool but once you are contacted by a captain and join a team you will be required to pay the registration fee.


Players may join the TASL league at any time throughout the season.  It is never too late to register!  TASL schedules 10 games in the fall and 10 games in the spring.  All efforts are made to assure the games get played, however there is not a guarantee of a 10 game season.  You must register separately for each season.


TASL plays three seasons per year.  The spring season runs February through May and registration begins in October.  The fall season runs August through October and registration begins in May.  The six week summer heat season plays in June and July and registration begins in April.