Player Photos


Upload Your Player Photo Here


General  Information:  Players are not allowed to participate on game day unless their picture has been uploaded.  If your picture is unclear, the official has the right to request a photo ID for verification.  You must first register as a player before you can upload your player photo!

It is preferred that you submit your photo during the registration process.  If you are unable to do so during registration, you may return to the link above to submit your photo.  All pictures must be submitted to complete your registration process and to appear on the team's roster.

Do it right the first time!!  Avoid having to do it over.  All pictures are verified and will be rejected if they do not meet the requirements.  

  • Photos must be in focus. 
  • Cropped photos from a group picture are not recommended because the size of the face may be too small. 
  • Pictures must be in color
  • Hats and sunglasses not allowed.
  • Photos will be screened and approved by TASL upon upload.


Picture Requirements:

·         Photo must be in .JPG format.

·         File size must be less than 100KB.

·         Picture size must be less than 240 pixels in width X 240 pixels in height.


Need help with formatting your picture?  Formatting is best performed on a computer (NOT a mobile phone).  Microsoft Paint is recommended.

·         Choose your .JPG photo.

·         Right click on the photo and choose “Open With” and select “Paint”.

·         Select “Resize”.

·         A pop-up window will appear.

·         Select the “Pixels” button.

·         Type in 100 for the Horizontal number pixels.

·         Make sure the Vertical number is less than 240 pixels.  If it is not, change the number to 240!

·         Hit “OK”.

·         Hit the “Save” button.  

          It may be helpful to "crop" your photo so that only your facial picture appears.


 If all else fails, contact the TASL office at for help!


NOTE:  By uploading your photo, it becomes the property of TASL and you hereby give TASL permission to use it for any legal purpose without compensation.