Fall & Spring Fees
QWhat are the costs to play soccer with TASL?

NCASA State Fees:  All players will pay a $30 state fee once per calendar year in addition to the following league fee.
TASL League Fees:
Men, Women and Coed (11 vs. 11): $105 
Coed Eight, Men Over 56 & Men O60:  $80 
Coed Recreation:  $50
Team 3, 4, 5 or More:  $45 
Sub Player Game Day Fees:  $15 per game
Refund PolicyQ
QWhat if a player joins later in the season?
AAfter game 5 of the 10 game season, player fees will be as follows for Men, Women and Coed divisions: $60.  For Coed Eight, Men Over 56 and Men Over 60 divisions: $50.  
There are no reduction in fees for Coed Rec or Team 3, 4, 5 or More.
QWhat about other player costs, like uniforms?
AUniforms are team-specific and are not included in the player registration fee for fall and spring seasons. Please ask your Team Captain for information about uniform costs or other team specific fees.  
Jerseys are provided for the Recreation division and Summer Heat players.