Teams sometimes find themselves in a pinch at the last minute when their goalkeeper can't play or when they don't have enough female players showing up for a coed game. 

If you are a currently rostered to a team as a GK or a female player, you can help other teams out and play additional games for free!

You can become part of the VIP Pool.  Registration is free.  Register below!

Once you are in the VIP Pool, team captains may contact you via email or phone number by 2pm on game day (2pm on Friday for the weekend games) and ask if you are available to play.  If you agree to play, you will be added to the roster for that game.  

VIP Pool Rules:

  • Players must be currently rostered full time to a team for the season.
  • Teams must have the minimum required number of rostered players before using a VIP.
  • Players must be age appropriate for “overs” divisions.
  • There is no game day fee for a VIP.
  • Only goalkeepers and female players are eligible for VIP status.
  • Players may not participate as a VIP in a division in which they already play.  Note - Upper and lower divisions are considered separate and VIPs may play in either.
  • VIP players may only participate on same team a maximum of three times per season.


  • Captains will be able to view the players in the VIP Pool via a link that you should bookmark (similar to the player pool link).  
  • The captain will contact a player and confirm availability. 
  • The captain will be responsible to notify TASL via email by 2pm the day of the game (2pm Fridays for weekend games) so that TASL admin can roster the player as a VIP for the game. 
  • The player will be removed from the roster after the game and is only eligible for that game.