We listened and we heard your wishes and are going small sided for Men Over 60!

Format:  8 vs. 8   (7 players plus a goalkeeper).

Two 30-minute halves with a 5-minute halftime.

Half field, small goals, one ref, 10 games, Summer Heat Rules!!!  Unlimited substitution!  Players can be shared on teams if one team is short.

Age requirements:

  • Females 40 years and over 
  • Males 57 years and over 
  • GK can be 50 years of age and over

Fees:   $100 if this is the first player registration for the 2019 year

             $70 if this is the second player registration for spring 2019

               $30 if this is the third team for the player

Games:  Ten games will be scheduled primarily for Wednesday nights.  While there is not a guarantee on the number of games, we make every attempt to get the games played.

Fields:  Games will primarily be scheduled at the WRAL Soccer Complex on Perry Creek Road in Raleigh.  

How are Teams formed?   All players register for one team - Men's Over 60 The Nifty Sixties.  Teams are formed by the captains to be!

How do we sign up?  Register for Men's Over 60 division, and the team is The Nifty Sixties.

If I don't have a team can I still sign up as a player?  YES!  ALL players will be placed on a team.