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July 24, 2020  TASL Fall Season Update

TASL Family,

First off, I would like to say thank you to our past President Bill Hanckel for the many years of service on the Board and as the President of the TASL League. The viewing turnout was an amazing tribute to Bill and what a wonderful individual he was to the many of us that were fortunate enough to know him. RIP my friend, we will miss you!!!

Since being elected your new President of the TASL Board, the current COVID-19 epidemic was not at all what I was expecting to focus my first energies on. I have been playing in the League since 2002 and over the years the biggest complaints that I have heard were the fields and the referees. I can certainly say as the years have gone by the Board has been working extremely hard on the quality and locations of the fields. We have formed great relations with field owners and have developed long term rental contracts and are constantly looking for other locations. As far as the referees, we are always trying to improve on the quality and consistency of our referee partners. This partnership is a two-way street. We know that they are going to miss some calls, but as players we need to respect the calls made on the field. We are all humans and we will all make mistakes. We encourage captains and players to share their good and bad experiences with us so we can help develop our referee partners.

The Board is currently focused on getting back to what we do best, which is playing soccer safely. I know this has been a tough time for all, but I firmly believe we will come through this stronger and better than ever.  

With that being said, I would like to thank everyone that participated in the recent TASL survey regarding the Fall season.  We received over 1,300 responses out of 2,300 members (56% responded).  Many players took the time to provide additional comments which were helpful in deciding about the Fall.  Based on the question, “if the state allows us to return to play, would you play?”, the responses were 77% yes and 23% no.  It was clear that most players would love to get back on the field if possible.

Then there is the reality.  In order for our insurance to be valid under the US Adult Soccer Association (USASA), the state of NC guidelines must allow us to play.  As the number of cases and deaths continue to increase, NC has extended Phase 2 until August 7th when another decision will be made.  Under Phase 2 we are not eligible to play games, and the guidelines for Phase 3 may change.  We will have to clarify the rules at that point to see if it is possible for us to return to play.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate through this difficult time.  The safety of our players has always been our priority, and we are aware of confirmed cases of COVID-19 within our TASL family.  Based on the current circumstances, the Board felt it was important to go ahead and decide about the Fall and communicate that decision to our players. 

Until the situation is clarified with the state of NC, TASL is hereby suspending the Fall season.  We will continue to keep a close eye on the metrics and the guidance from the governor, North Carolina Adult Soccer Association (NCASA) and our national soccer organization under US Soccer.  If something changes, we know everyone would like to get back to soccer!

Please continue to be safe and help us stop the spread!

Sincerely, and on behalf of the TASL Board,

Steven Swift, TASL President


April 28, 2020 

Here are a few updates on TASL activities:

ElectionsCongratulations to TASL President Steve Swift and Secretary Sam Cohen.  Both have been members of the TASL Board as division representatives for several years.   Steve plays in the Men Over 40 and 50 and Sam plays in the Men Over 30 and Open.  We are looking forward to their leadership and commitment to our TASL family.

Refunds – FINALLY!!!  All refunds are complete.  Please check your cc statements for the last 2 months as refunds were done in March and April.  If you did not receive a cc refund (i.e. those over 90 days old or expired cc) then a check had to be cut.  Checks are taking about a week to receive after they leave the bank. 

If you have not received your refund by May 6th, please email  THANK YOU for your patience during this tremendous task.

Summer Heat – The TASL Board met virtually last week and discussed our position on the summer season.  It is so difficult to plan anything.  We are tracking directives from government and soccer entities, working with field partners on availability and exploring options such as half-season (July only).  We expect return to play protocol to be different. 

The bottom line is we do not expect the summer heat season to happen, BUT if things change we will be ready!  And you should be ready to fast track it!  If we get the green light, we will compress the registration and scheduling cycles and get you back on the field asap.

Fall Season – We are holding off on opening registration until the picture is clearer.  There is consideration for starting the fall season earlier (in advance of a fall resurgence).   Once again, registration and planning cycles can be fast tracked so BE READY!!

Thanks to Jeannie in assisting with all the refunds and to the Board for supporting us during this time.  We wish you, your families and friends all the best.  Continue to stay safe, stay fit and dream of soccer! 




March 24, 2020

TASL Players,

On behalf of the staff and the TASL Board, we hope that you and your family are safe and are managing during this challenging time.  As soccer players, we are a team, we work together for a common goal, and this is a challenging game!

We would like to extend a BIG THANK YOU to our players that are medical professionals, government officials, first responders, truck drivers, sanitation workers, warehouse employees and those that work in grocery stores and restaurants for their sacrifices and support of our families and our communities.  And thank you to all our players for your efforts in social distancing and fighting this monster!

Yesterday, the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) sent an email suspending all soccer activities until at least April 30th.  Any soccer activities taking place during this time are not sanctioned and are not covered by insurance. 

Thus, the TASL spring season has officially been canceled.

Your Board of Directors have been in contact and have discussed options in the event this came to reality. It's a difficult position for any organization, but we want you to know that TASL is solid and will survive this storm.  We look forward to bringing soccer back as soon as it is possible!

As we realize everyone has been financially impacted, we will be processing refunds for the remainder of the spring season.  Refunds of the league fee will be based on the number of games that your team did not get to play.  Players on two teams will get a refund for each team.  Players on three or more teams will get a prorated refund for the multiple teams.  Please be aware that the state fee is non-refundable as games have been played (but it is still good thru the end of the year). 

Please be patient as this will be a time intensive task with over 2,000 refunds to process.  If you would like to consider your league fee as a donation (instead of getting a refund), please email me by Friday at noon. 

Be safe! Stay strong! And remember, Soccer is for Life!

Thank you for your continued support and understanding,

Donna, Jeannie and the TASL Board

March 12th

TASL Players,

We are all closely monitoring the latest developments with COVID-19 and many companies and associations are making decisions about their operations.  There are new announcements every hour in this rapidly changing environment!  TASL leaders have been in discussions this week about the best direction for the safety and health of our players and our responsibility in these efforts to limit the spread of this virus.

NCFC Youth issued a statement today suspending all soccer related activities until April 13th.  Two large youth soccer tournaments scheduled for this weekend have been canceled.  US Soccer canceled the upcoming national team games in March and April.  NC Youth Soccer will be issuing a statement soon.  The adult leagues across the state are beginning to make assessments now. 

Effective today, TASL is suspending all games and organized activities through March 27th.  This will give us an opportunity to evaluate further on a real time basis and to make a decision about future games as more information and data is available. 

Updates will be sent out via email and will be posted on the TASL Twitter feed and the website at  The TASL staff will be working from home until further notice, so email is encouraged.

Thank you for your understanding in these challenging times as we make decisions that could impact your health and the safety and our community.



It is with great shock and sorrow that we announce the death of Bill Hanckel, our TASL President.  His unexpected death will leave a void in our lives as he dedicated his life towards helping others while promoting the game of soccer which he loved so much.


Bill was originally from Norfolk, Virginia.  He came to NC in the early 90s and played soccer at Elon University.  He previously owned two retail specialty soccer shops around the triangle area and was the tournament director for CASL.  Bill was currently a NCFC Youth soccer coach, Team Captain of Coed Over 30 Absolute Mustard and TASL President.     


Bill played in the CASL Adult league, pre-TASL, and has played on coed and men’s teams in TASL since its inception.  He joined the TASL Board in 2004 and has been TASL President since 2010 where he has been instrumental in shaping and building adult soccer in the triangle.   Bill was recognized on a state level for his contributions to adult soccer and was awarded the North Carolina Adult Soccer Association Crampton Harrison Award in 2017 in recognition of notably significant contributions to the growth and development of adult soccer in North Carolina.


It is a joy to see the outpouring of love for Bill.  He will be remembered for his kindness, his smile that would light up a room, his laughter and fun nature.  His leadership and friendship will be missed.  Bill was a beautiful person.  He was taken from us too soon.  

RIP our dear friend and fearless leader,....


A Celebration of Bill’s Life is set for Monday, October 28th from 4pm – 5pm.

More information can be found here:…






CONGRATULATIONS to Our FALL 2019 Division Champions!

Men's Open I: Tobacco Road FC   Coed I:  Aces
Men's Open II: ZFC   Coed II:  Compass Rose FC
Men's Open III: Raleigh Revolution   Coed III: Kick Me Baby One More Time
Men's Over 30:  Arsenal FC   Coed IV: Angry Pandas
Men's Over 40:  Greyhounds   Coed V: Oak City FC
Men's Over 50-I: Bombers   Coed Eight:  Raleigh Ruckus
Men's Over 50-II: Barbarians   Coed Over 30-I: Muttonheads
    Coed Over 30 - II: Angry Pandas Too
Women's Open: Kicks