Women's 8v8 Recreation Division

Fall 2024 Women's 8v8 Recreation Division games will start on September 15th! 

TASL is delighted to announce the formation of the TASL Women’s 8v8 Recreation League.  The inaugural season will begin this fall 2024 and features a six-game season.  Match days are once per week either on Sunday or Tuesday.  Games are 35 minute halves.

The 8v8 format provides a fantastic environment for a reduced number of players per team, a shorter game time commitment, and more opportunity to be engaged in the game due to the smaller field size.  8v8 is one of the most popular adult soccer formats across the nation!

We will continue to offer the more competitive 11v11 Women’s Premier division, but we want to be a full-service league for players of all ages and all levels. 

The goal of the 8v8 league is a more recreational format.  This is an opportunity for players to participate in a less competitive environment.  The emphasis is on fun and building friendships where players don’t worry about the score of the game, or their skill, or fitness levels.

Don’t have a team?!  No problem!  Register for the Women's 8v8 Recreation "SPARTAN SPIRIT" team and join other players looking forward to getting back on the pitch.  Consideration is given for players wanting to be on the same team.  Just email us!  We will provide each player a jersey!

Already have a team?!  Email us at soccer@tasl.us with your team’s name and your players may begin registering right away.  Teams must have a minimum of 12 players.

TASL is excited to expand our programming and offer additional opportunities for females to play soccer in the Triangle.  Join us!


QWhat is the Women's 8v8 Recreation Division All About?
ATASL wants to offer a true "recreational" format for our players as our league has expanded. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for players to participate in a less competitive environment, regardless of skill level. The emphasis is on fun and recreation. It is a more social atmosphere where players enjoy playing soccer.
QWho should play in this new Women's 8v8 Recreation Division?
APlayers must be 18 years of age. Skill level should be beginner to any level of experience but the mindset should be recreational play!! Examples:
  • Parents.
  • Beginning players.
  • Couples.
  • Players that have been away from the game and want to ease back into it.
  • Players that don't care about who wins.
  • Players that do not compete on a competitive team.
  • Players that are rehabilitating an injury.
  • Coaches.
  • Referees.
  • Players that do not have a team and want to meet other players in a safe, fun environment.
  • Players that want to enjoy soccer and just have fun.


QHow much does it cost?
AThe fee for the Recreation division is a league fee of $70 plus the annual state fee of $30 (paid once each calendar year). TASL will provide a tee shirt!
QWhat is the format of this new division?
  • 6 game season guaranteed, once per week at WRAL Soccer Park.
  • Sunday or Tuesday game days.
  • 8 vs 8 format.
  • 50 x 70 approximate field size.
  • Small goals.
  • 35 minute game half with 5 minute half time.
  • No forfeits, teams may share players if one team does not have numbers.
  • Every player should play a minimum of half a game.
  • One official.
QHow are the teams formed?
AThere are two options.  1. Players register individually and are assigned randomly to teams by TASL. Consideration is given to a request to play with a friend. Requests should be emailed to soccer@tasl.us.   2. Captains organize and bring in a team of players.
QWhat are the Rules?
ARules are similar to Summer Heat Rules.
  • No goalkeeper contact allowed.
  • No slide tackling.
  • No team forfeits. If a team has less than 7 players, the two teams will combine and split and play.
  • Yellow and red cards will be issued as needed.
  • PK's can be called by the official.
  • No off sides.
  • Keeper distribution must stay within the half field unless the GK is playing outside of the box like a field player.
  • The play from the goalkeeper's hand must touch the ground or a player prior to crossing the half-field line.
  • An indirect free kick is awarded at the half line for any infraction re: keeper distribution.
  • Game balls are to be provided by the Home team.
  • Numbers are not required on shirts.
  • Coin toss to start the game.
  • Games will start on time and the clock will run continuously except for serious injury.
  • Shin guards are required.


QHow do I register?
AClick on Registration.  Select "Women's 8v8 Recreation" and register for the team "SPARTAN SPIRT".