Team Management Tool

NEW FOR SPRING 2020!      

TASL has a NEW system for communicating with your players and for printing rosters called US Soccer Connect

NOTE - This is a different system from what we used in 2019.




1. Team Captains should register as an Administrator for their team for spring.  There is NO fee to be a Team Captain but an administrator is not allowed to play unless they register as a player. 

2. Captains must return to the registration portal and check the box PLAYER and register and pay the registration fee if they are going to play.

3.  Log in here to view your 2020 team.

4.  Scroll down the page and select the TEAM Tab.

5.  Select the highlighted TEAM INFO.

6.  To email individuals or the entire team, click the box Email Selected.

7.  To text individuals or the entire team, click the box SMS Selected.

8.  To print a roster, click Print GDR.




Captains, if you would like to access the OLD database of players for Fall 2019, please use this link: