Sportsmanship Incentive Program

NEW for Spring 2022

Everyone wants to enjoy playing soccer, socialize with with their friends and play in a safe environment.  Key elements to enjoying soccer are sportsmanship and RESPECT for each other. 

At TASL, we expect all players and captains to agree to and abide by our TASL Player Code of Conduct.  

Last season was painful with too many red cards, referee incidents, and player suspensions.  We need to improve. It's time to change!

This season we will promote and reward sportsmanship. 

Team Captains will be able to rate their opponent, their team and the referees.  The team in each division that receives the best Sportsmanship rating at the end of the season will receive one free player registration for the following season! 

Team Captains are required to complete a short online form after each game.  Click on the link below to get started:

TASL Sportsmanship Report (