Substitute Player

TASL allows for the use of a "Substitute Player" in the fall and spring seasons for teams that have met the criteria of 16 paid players on roster.  The captain may invite a player(s) to register as a substitute for their team.  When roster numbers are low the captain may invite the substitute player to play on a specific Game Day.  The use of a substitute player is at the discretion of the Team Captain.  

  • A player may not register as a substitute in a division in which they play.  
  • A player may only be a substitute on one team per division.

Registration Fees:  

  • Substitute players must pay the $30 registration fee if they do not have a current NCASA player registration. 
  • If the player is currently registered, the substitute player fee for an additional team will be $10.  
  • A substitute player will pay a registration fee for each season that they play in the FIFA year (fall, spring, summer seasons).  
  • If the sub player paid the $30 fee in a prior season within the FIFA year, then the registration fee for the next season is $10.
  • Substitute player fees are not refundable!

Game Day Fees:  There is a fee of $10 per game that must be paid for each game that a substitute plays.  A substitute player will be listed on the Game Day Roster as a Sub for a specific Game Date.

Please see the TASL Supplemental Policies for complete details on the Substitute Player Policy.  

STEP 1.  Register as a Substitute Player and pay the fee - then continue to step 2!

STEP 2.  Register to play on a specific Game Day and pay the fee.