OCASL @TASL Divisions of Play


This is a competitive play division. Many of the players played for their college teams. All players must have reached their 30th birthday by the start of the first game of the season. Games are played in 8v8 format on a small field, with goal keepers defending small goals (e.g., 7x21, 8x16, 6.5x16). One referee system, with no offside, no slide tackles. Games are usually held on Monday or Wednesday evenings. Level of play in this division is high, but aggressive play is discouraged. Shin guards are required - no player may be on the field without them.

OVER 40 (Anderson)

All male players must have reached their 40th birthday and all female players must have reached their 30th birthday by the start of the first game of the season. Games are played in 8v8 format on small field, with goal keepers defending small goals. One referee system, no offside. Games are usually held on Tuesday or Thursday evenings. Level of play is gentle; aggressive play is prohibited.

OVER 50 Pickup

All male players must have reached their 50th birthday, female their 40th. Currently the division plays 9v9, forming teams ad hoc each week. There is no referee, players self-call fouls, and are HIGHLY encouraged never to foul an opponent. This system works well - we had an average of one foul per game, and that is almost always just clumsiness. When the division grows enough to support 4 teams, we'll consider splitting into permanent teams.

Recreational Divisions

In all recreational OCASL @TASL divisions of play, the emphasis is on good soccer play, and not on the game results. Player safety is important. Any challenge that results in another player being harmed or placed in danger is illegal. Even if the challenge wins the ball, or if the challenging player touches the ball first, a play that puts another player in danger is not allowed. Players are required to keep this in mind, and back off from situations that might endanger another player. Did we say that enough times? Three referee system.

Games are generally held on Saturdays, and practice sessions are held Monday and Thursday evenings.

See the Rules Page for complete rules.


Rec 1 (Kaminsky), Rec 2 (Studdard) & Rec 3 (O'Hara)

The recreational divisions are designed for the non-aggressive, recreational player who is interested in playing "near" FIFA rules. The games use a 3-referee system. Published game reports may include the score, and league standings may be published, however, emphasis is on good soccer play, and not the game results. 

Divisions are co-ed and are open to players 18 years of age and older.

There are no special co-ed rules. There are no limits on the number of men or women on any team, nor is there a minimum number that must be on the field. OCASL @TASL players prefer that everyone who joins is treated equally.

Division 1 (Kaminsky) is the highest level we offer. Any player is welcome in this division, the play tends to be fast paced, skilled, competitive but not aggressive. Age range tends to skew lower (20-30yo). 

Division 2 (Studdard) is our middle level. It is most popular for average experienced players. Many players will have college playing experience, or high-level club experience. Age range tends toward 25-35.

Division 3 (O'Hara) is our "every person's" level. This is a division for players who are "laid back", "easy going", "social", but are still looking for good soccer and lots of exercise. Experience level will vary greatly, some players are very experienced and truly gifted, others may be trying soccer for the first time. This division will have the widest age range.

Examples of aggressive play that are not allowed:

  • Slide tackling an opponent, even if the ball is won
  • Bicycle kicks
  • Playing the opponent instead of the ball during otherwise legal shoulder charge
  • Putting an opponent in danger even if you touch the ball first
  • Jumping over the top of an opponent to head the ball
  • Criticizing the referee
  • Fouling the opponent's goalkeeper