About TASL


The mission of the Triangle Adult Soccer League is to provide and promote soccer related programming as an amateur sport, for recreational purposes and educational development, for interested adult members of the community, and to promote safe and fair play on and off the field.


TASL was formally established in 2003 after its parent organization, the Capital Area Soccer League, received a mandate from the State of North Carolina to split out its adult play division into a distinct organization.  In early 2003, the members of the then Adult League Committee set out to distinguish the group as a fully independent organization – the Triangle Adult Soccer League (TASL) was born.

Since it’s beginning in fall 2003 season with sixty-six teams, TASL has grown to one hundred and thirty-four strong in the fall 2014 soccer season. The annual membership is approximately 3,800 adult players.  TASL is the largest adult soccer league in NC and is a fully sanctioned league through the state, NCASA, and national, USASA, organizations.

TASL is a 501c (4) not for profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Awards and Recognition

TASL is proud of its players and takes the opportunity to say 'thanks' and to recognize special contributions through the following awards:
  • The Founders Award
  • Good of the Game Award
  • Chirstie Dilda Award
  • Pioneer Award
  • The Phoenix Award
  • TASL Volunteer Spirit Award
  • The President's Award
  • TASL Media Award
For a full description of the awards, eligibility and nomination requirements, and the award presentation schedule, download the TASL Awards Overview.

Award Recipients

Award    Recipient
Founders Award   Gregory Luberecki (2009), Diego Munoz (2009), and Fred Pierson (2009)
Christie Dilda Award   Christina Robinson (2009), Chuck Blatchley (2012)