The spring season will begin on February 18th.  Play dates are scheduled through May 18th.


Teams must register and be accepted before players can begin to register.  

The deadline for teams to have 14 paid players is Friday, JANUARY 20TH.  

Need to pay your SPRING registration fee??  If you have already registered and would like to make a payment now,


Need to upload your player photo??  LOG IN HERE TO UPLOAD YOUR PHOTO.

You must have a Team Captain's approval to join a specific team.  Players that don't have a team may join the "Player Pool" and register as a player that "Does Not Have a Team".  Register for each division that you would consider participating in to improve your opportunity to find a team. Players that are in the Player Pool and do not find a team will receive a full refund.


Players may join the TASL league at any time throughout the season.  It is never too late to register!  TASL schedules 10 games in the fall and 10 games in the spring.  All efforts are made to assure the games get played, however there is not a guarantee of a 10 game season.  You must register separately for each season.


TASL plays three seasons per year.  The spring season runs February through May and registration begins in October.  The fall season runs August through October and registration begins in May.  The six week summer heat season plays in June and July and registration begins in April.  


Player photos are uploaded during the registration process.  You may return and upload a picture later, but your picture must be uploaded before you are allowed to play games.